Linked Treble Stitch Photo Tutorial

I love tall crochet stitches. I remember when I first discovered that the only limit to the height of a stitch is the length of your hook. I felt like I suddenly became aware of the mind-bendingly huge possibilities of crochet. It was a pretty happy day for me!

However I quickly discovered that the taller your stitches, the more gaps in the fabric you make. Sometimes this is just what you want; a super quick and easy way to get a lacy effect. But other times you need a more solid fabric. I was delighted to discover that there is actually a way of getting rid of these gaps. It’s called linked stitch and here I will be showing how to crochet treble linked stitch (but it’s easy to adapt for double treble, treble treble, quadruple treble…you get the idea).


Here is a row of normal treble stitches. Can you see the gaps between them?



Look what happen when I pull the fabric. Now you can really see those gaps!



Here is a row of linked treble stitches (ltr). See, no gaps! This stitch also has a textured stripe through the middle which I’m a huge fan of.



Even when you pull, The fabric is nice and solid. Here is how to make these magical linked stitches. I’ll show you how to do it mid-row first and then how to do it from a chain.



Normally, when you do a treble stitch, you yarn over like this. This is not how you do linked treble.



Take a careful look at your treble stitch. Can you see a bar running across the middle? I have circled it in green in the second image. This is what you use to link the stitches.



Insert your hook into the bar…



…yarn over and pull a loop through the bar.



You should now have two loops on your hook (just as if you have yarned over in the normal treble crochet way). This loop you have picked up through the bar replaces the yarn over in a normal treble crochet.

Now you complete the stitch in the normal way.



Insert hook into next stitch…



…yarn over and pull up a loop…



…yarn over, pull through two loops on hook…



…yarn over, pull through two loops on hook and you are done! Tada! It is a little fiddly to start with but once you have practised it a few times it gets a lot easier.


If you want to do a linked stitch from the beginning of a row (in other words, from a chain) this is how you do it;



Chain 3 and turn as you normally would for a treble stitch. The look carefully at your chain. You are going to insert your hook into the back of the second chain from your hook. It looks like a little nub.



Insert your hook into the chain…


WIN_20181008_15_17_07_Pro (2)

…yarn over and pull a loop through the chain…



…insert hook into next stitch, yarn over and pull up a loop. Then complete the treble in the normal way (yarn over, pull through two, yarn over, pull through two).

And that’s all there is to it!

If you are a bit like me and need to actually see something in action to fully understand how it works, there is a little video on my instagram feed to help you out.

Wishing you all happy stitching and yarn a-plenty!

Nicola x




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